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Pheromones     Hip Hop Rock 'bout chemistry  
I'm Not There     Spin Style ' bout leavin'  
You Make Me Happy Feat Amy ).


Hard Rock  'bout finding someone/thing that makes you happy 140BPM Fast
You Make Me Happy


Hard Rock  'bout finding someone/thing that makes you happy 140BPM Fast
You Make Me Happy

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Hard Rock  'bout finding someone/thing that makes you happy 140BPM Fast
Inspiration's Bitch dancing_street_shoes_md_wht.gif


Pop-Funk-Country 'Bout how artists depend on inspiration Medium
Everybody's Got dancing_street_shoes_md_wht.gif Rock/ White-HipHop /Pop / Electronic  'Bout finding what you're good at Medium
U R the 1 dancing_street_shoes_md_wht.gif Rock/White-HipHop/Pop/Electronic  Song for when someone leaves Medium
Flyin' Bye dancing_street_shoes_md_wht.gif Rock/White-HipHop/Pop/Electronic 'Bout life going quick  120BPM
Fallin' 4 It dancing_street_shoes_md_wht.gif Rock/White-HipHop/Pop/Electronic 'Bout being played Medium
Don't Walk Away   Pop/RnB    'bout keep on tryin' 120BPM
Turn Around My World paper.gif Jazz-Pop-Funk-Techno-Reggae! 'bout being confused by love   120BPM
Dream disco_ball_md_wht.gif Dance, Techno-Rock 'bout dreamin'   Dance
Celebrities analyzing_computer_tv_head_md_wht.gif Alt-Punk Rock Techno 'bout dumb stars   Fast
Free   disco_ball_md_wht.gif "Electronica-Dance" 'Bout quitting your job Hi-Speed DnB
All That I Need    Alternative; "RnB melody & Groove" Currently # 1 on Broadjam Medium
Don't Let the Music Go Alternative 'bout liking music Medium
Don't Dwell On  It (Let It Go) disco_ball_md_wht.gif RnB 'bout not letting stuff bug you Dance
Be the Sound Electronic / Trance-Pop 'bout hearing bands live W. HipHop
I Want You More Retro Beatles New Beatles song Medium
Please Stop Callin'  dancing_street_shoes_md_wht.gif White HipHop 'Bout cold calls Medium
In Love with A Song

Electronic/Techno Written for The Coup Dance
Our Beach paper.gif   Heavy Rock 'Bout Maui Fast
Big Rats    dynamite_bomb_md_wht.gif paper.gif Techno 'Bout terrorists Dance
The Meeting     Rock 'Bout recovery Medium

Coming Soon:       Recordings of old live gigs and Talbott House songs.   


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